Transcend Timer

Time your meditation, simply.

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A Meditation Timer for the rest of us

Transcend Timer is for those looking for a simple, convenient, no-fuss way to be able to check how long they have been meditating. It doesn't use or include alarms, gongs, bells, pre-recorded meditation instructions, social networking capabilities or in-app purchases. If one aspect of your meditation is to escape the online world, then Transcend Timer could be for you! If not, then there are other apps with all the above and more.

You might follow Transcendental Meditation (TM) or a similar technique. Transcend Timer is a simple Android app that silences your phone, stops the screen from sleeping and displays a countdown display while you meditate. That's it. There is no jarring alarm of any sort when the time is elapsed.



Silence your device's ringer during meditation


Choice of day (light), night(dark) or day/night(time dependent) display

Minimal Layout/

Full-screen immersive display during meditation


Keeps the screen awake during meditation


Device ringer volume and display sleep setting restored after meditation

/Easy Install

No registration or email registration is required

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Transcend Meditation Timer is currently in testing before full release. Please download the current beta version from the link below.

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